I know how you feel! Practice tips…

28 Oct

Through out my teaching career I’ve been battling with students about practising. I’ve tried explaining nicely to them, I’ve tried yelling at them, tricking them with games, stickers, and candy… Nothing work! Very few piano student practice properly. It’s not just up to the piano teacher to be the one to motivate and urge them to practice and have fun doing it. I need your help! Yes you, Parents!

I was (and still am) a piano student too! I know how it felt. I don’t want to practice either. It’s boring, I always make the same mistake. It’s frustrating!! But I guess I owe it to my parents. They are always urging me to practice more. But there’s an art to urging and motivating a child to practice!


For a child, practising the piano is very lonely. Mom is doing that, Dad is doing this, and sisters and/or brothers are playing. So why should I practice here alone? Don’t make them feel left out!

I’ve had so many students who gave up lesson because they didn’t progress or they just got bored. It really gets to me when a student decided that they don’t want to do music any more. Music is fun and every child should enjoy making music!

So here are a few tips for practising at home! (For younger students anyway!)

1. Sit with your child! Everyday after coming home from work or after dinner sit with your child and ask him or her to play something for you.”Could you play that song for me?” or “That’s my favourite song could you play it again?”

*For younger student the main reason for practising is for them to get use to the idea of playing the piano everyday.

2. Sing! Most of the songs for young beginner have lyrics, so sing it with your child!

*Singing also help develop good pitch and rhythm.

3. Ask your child to teach you! This is a great idea. He/she will enjoy teaching you! Ask them something simple like “Where is C?” or “Can you teach me to play this song?” or “What is this note called?”

4. At home recitals! Plan a weekly recital for your child to give everyone in the house a small concert. You could do it casual or having everyone dress up like you’re going to a real concert!

Hope these tips help!



One Response to “I know how you feel! Practice tips…”

  1. SE22 Piano School 01/01/2013 at 11:28 PM #

    No. 3 is a great tip – that’s the best way to make sure a child has understood what has been taught.

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