Wonderful finds

26 May

I was looking around the internet and found this wonderful podcast about Mathematics and Music from the BBC. It’s very interesting but I have to pause the podcast several times to really understand what they are talking about.

Do you agree with the relation between Mathematics and Music?

My mathematical ability is horrible! In school, Math is my worst subject. Now since I have graduated and have so much free time, is trying to understand Mathematics again. It’s a bit more easier but I think it’s because this time I “want” to understand it.

But can music makes mathematics easier? Or can mathematics makes you understand music more?

After listening to this podcast, it opens my ears and eyes and also my brain. It gives my a different perspective of music. When I was learning piano I never bring mathematics in to my piano lessons. (neither did my teacher) Now, come to think of it everything in music is math! Fractions, multiply, patterns, equations, etc.




One Response to “Wonderful finds”

  1. Your Sea-Change Coach, Mhairi 29/05/2013 at 6:07 PM #

    There has been lots of scientific studies showing the links between maths & music, so the trained scientist part of me says: it’s not a case of “believing”, there’s evidence! But I know that part of me can be a little bossy, LOL.

    More anecdotally, I remember many of the kids at my primary school who were good at music were also good at maths. And I remember at my secondary school, one choosing to study maths at university over music: I couldn’t understand that decision 🙂

    As you say, when you stop and think about it, all sorts of musical things are mathematical: chords, intervals, harmonics, beats, tempo, instrument-building and on and on and on!

    Your maths is not horrible: if you didn’t understand it at school, it’s probably because the teacher was using a left-brain style to teach it… whereas you are a mainly right-brain person.

    I was good at maths at school, I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. It only really came to life for me, when after may years focus on art and design, I found myself wanting to become a scientist! The second module I studied described the movement of seawater in mathematical terms. It was difficult maths for me, but the fact that it was about the sea, something I love, helped me get it

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